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Yoga Videos


For a gentle yoga class to reduce neck tension try the

Yoga for Neck and Back Tension.

For yoga therapy for the wrist joints, try the

Yoga for the Wrists.

For a strengthening yoga sequence try the

Strengthening Sequence.

To help correct posture to reduce back pain, try the

Gentle strengthening Sequence. 

Yoga for Back & Neck Tension

* Flexibility for the neck muscles

* Deep stretches for the hip muscles

* Thoracic stretch

* Meditation to relax

Yoga for Wrists

* Flexibility and mobilization for the wrists

* Opening for the brachial plexus

* Back Stretches

* Meditation to relax



Watch the plank pose tutorial to see the do's and don'ts for a safe and effective plank posture!

Planks help to build strength in the whole body, and is an important pose to use as a foundation for more advance postures, as core strength is essential for more challenging postures.

There are many variations of the sun salutation, here is an example of Sun Salutation A, with the 'knees, chest & chin option for beginners. This variation is easier on the arms to gently build strength. 

Sun Salutations A 

Neck & Shoulder Stretching

A gentle way to warm up and stretch the neck, upper back and shoulder region. Perfect for the morning on rising, or

after a busy day.

This sequence is for everybody, if you find it difficult to stretch your arms above the head, just raise them as far as feels comfortable, without arching the back. Sit on a bolster, chair, or stand up with feet together if that's most comfortable.