Meditation Class

Open Heart Meditation Workshop

Sunday March 24th, 2019 or Sunday April 14th, 2019

4hr Workshop 

7:30am - 11:30am



Learn how to meditate, even if your mind never stops!


Meditation has so many wonderful benefits, from helping lessen stress and anxiety, improve focus, memory and slow the aging process to keep you younger for longer.


Many people struggle with an overactive mind, or falling asleep with meditation. There are many techniques to use for every situation, and learning the art of meditation can help to keep your mind focused, still and at peace.


In this Open Heart Meditation Workshop we will:


- Learn meditation and mindfulness fundamentals

- Practice meditations for training the mind

- Practice meditation for self love and healing

- Create your meditation plan

- Heart chakra talk focusing on how to improve self esteem and self love to live with an Open Heart.

- Feed our souls with beautiful food, tea and nourishment


This workshop is perfect for those who have been stressed and looking for ways to 'reset', for those wanting to learn meditation, or for a relaxing and heart opening retreat.


When: There are two dates for this workshop


**Sunday March 24th from 7am - 11:30am




**Sunday April 14th from 7am - 11:30am


$120 per person


Meditation booklet and nourishing vegan & GF morning tea included


At Awaken Body 2/229 Lower Stirling Tce, Albany WA

Call Kate for bookings and any info on 0435291499




What if I can't sit cross legged??

- You can sit on a chair, bolster, against a wall, or lay down. You don't have to sit in lotus!


What if I am religious?

- Meditation is not a religion and it will compliment any religion or faith. We talk about techniques from various traditions, however this is by no means a religious style of meditation.


What if my mind never stops and I find meditation impossible?

- You will learn techniques for training the mind, and the meditations are guided, you won't be sitting in your own busy thoughts. You will also learn the stages of meditation and what to expect in each stage.



See you soon!




Buddha Statue

Understanding the Chakras

Sunday April 28th 2019

4  Hour Workshop 

7:30am - 11:30am


Learn about the subtle energy centres of the body in this 4 hour workshop on the 7 main chakras. We will talk about the characteristics of each chakra and how the energy effects our lives, physically and emotionally. Learn how to balance and clear blockages, so that life can be as smooth as possible. 

For each chakra we will learn the theory, and then learn ways to help bring the energy into balance.

Learning to see when a chakra is out of balance helps us to process challenges in our lives with a deeper understanding and clarity for how to move forward. Creating a flow with direction, rather than a restriction and standstill, which often leads to frustration and anger. 


We will see how to heal these areas, with joy and love.  

Take home a set of chakra crystals,

along with notes from the day

Vegan, GF Morning tea provided.

Gyan Mudra

Meditation Course

Term 1 , Feb 2019

Meditation is for everyone, it just takes practice! Learn strategies and practices to help you ease your way into a solid meditation practice. 

Contact Kate if you would like to hear when the course begins.