Meditation Classes

There are currently no meditation classes scheduled, please check back soon!

For private classes please contact Kate on 0435291499 

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation offers many benefits for your body, mind and spirit.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Lowers the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety

  • Decreases tension-related pain

  • Increases Serotonin production improving mood

  • Boosts immune system

  • Increases energy levels

Benefits of Meditation on your Mind

  • Decreases anxiety, negative emotions, trait anxiety and neurotcism

  • Aids learning, memory and self-realization

  • Improves attention and mindfulness

  • Stabilizes emotions

  • Increases creativity and happiness

  • Develops intuition

  • Gives clarity and peace of mind

  • Creates better focus

  • Reduces tension, anger and frustration

  • And it done deelply enough is a path to a bliss that is beyond imagination

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation
The sense of peace, connectedness and happiness opens the heart to enable you to live a contented and fulfilled life.
Most spiritual traditions around the world have meditation, prayer or at least self reflection as an important part of their practice. It makes sense that to get to know our spirituality better we should spend time getting to know ourself better. A lesson that gets forgotten in the current fast paced world we now live in. 

How to gain these benefits?

To experience these benefits it is necessary to practice regularly. You can start with a few minutes every day, building up to ideally, around 20 minutes a day. Attending group classes is a great way to stay motivated, learn new skills, and meet like minded people. 


Do I need to attend the same day and time each week if I book a 5 week course?

You may attend a different class each week, for example, the first week attend Monday's session, and the second week the Saturday session. You may come to all 3 classes per week if you want, for no extra charge, when you pay upfront for the 5 week course. 

Is Meditation Religious? 

Not in these classes. Meditation can be religious in some traditions and cultures, but in Skillful Mind Meditation Classes we offer meditation from many Eastern and Western traditions, drawing from neuroscience to ancient teachings. We only speak of the meditation aspect of traditions such as Yoga and Buddhist Meditation, and how this applies to relaxing the mind, we do not go into the religious aspects of them however. 

We welcome any religion, background and belief.

We believe in an open mind in learning techniques from all cultures to help us live a happy and stress free life. 

What if I find it uncomfortable to sit in a crossed legged position, or on the floor? 

You may sit in a chair, on meditation cushion, a bolster, or lay down if you prefer. You do not need to be able to sit in full lotus posture. Bolsters and chairs are provided for your comfort.